Gene tinkered foods

Thu Jun 24 06:55:44 EST 1993

I, for one, am becoming VERY bored with this debate.  It's obvious that
both sides of the arguement are based more opinion than fact.    
As a molecular biologist, I agree that gene "tinkered" foods are
not likely to constitute a health threat.  However, without any
scientific data to either support or refute this statement,
NOBODY can say with absolue(absolute) CERTAINTY that gene
tinkered foods are/or are not safe.
  Therefore, I suggest that we direct our attention to a topic that
is both better researched and better understood.  I'm tired of having
to delete pointless messages from my disc space.

Henry S. Putz Jr.
Senior Research Scientist
Dept. of Virology & Oncopharmacology
Sterling Winthrop Pharmaceuticals
Collegeville,  PA

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