Gene diddling "discussion"

Howard Kaplan hkaplan at UDCVAX.BITNET
Thu Jun 24 15:24:03 EST 1993

Subject: Gene tinkered foods
Sender: HPUTZ at
To: bioforum at
I, for one, am becoming VERY bored with this debate.  It's obvious that
both sides of the arguement are based more opinion than fact.
As a molecular biologist, I agree that gene "tinkered" foods are
not likely to constitute a health threat.  However, without any
scientific data to either support or refute this statement,
NOBODY can say with absolue(absolute) CERTAINTY that gene
tinkered foods are/or are not safe.
  Therefore, I suggest that we direct our attention to a topic that
is both better researched and better understood.  I'm tired of having
to delete pointless messages from my disc space.
I HEARTILY second the motion!

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