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>Subject: Gene diddling "discussion"
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>Subject: Gene tinkered foods
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>I, for one, am becoming VERY bored with this debate.  It's obvious that
>both sides of the arguement are based more opinion than fact.
>As a molecular biologist, I agree that gene "tinkered" foods are
>not likely to constitute a health threat.  However, without any
>scientific data to either support or refute this statement,
>NOBODY can say with absolue(absolute) CERTAINTY that gene
>tinkered foods are/or are not safe.

Delete the "gene tinkered" and we'll all agree.  It is virtually impossible
to say that ANY natural or synthetic food is perfectly safe.  There is
certainly no scientific basis for regarding gene-tinkered organisms as any
more dangerous to health than naturally occurring ones.  Besides, isn't
classical plant and animal breeding (done for thousands of years) also a
form of gene tinkering.
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