Animal rights (was: Re: Need Safeguards for Gene-Tinkered Foods)

Fri Jun 25 16:00:00 EST 1993

To make things absolutely clear for those who aren't aware of it,
the objective of animal rights groups is to *completely* end
*all* experimentation using animals.  A lot has been done lately
to minimize the use of animals, find alternatives where possible,
and to assure that any pain or discomfort is minimal at most.
But, there are same basic questions about biology and health
(including carcinogenesis) that simply cannot be answered without
studying animals.  So, PLEASE do not support these groups in any
way if you are at all interested in the further advancement of
human health science and understanding what are the *real* risks
to people from environmental factors (synthetic or natural).

Paul S.  (just my opinion)

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