Need Safeguards for Gene-Tinkered Foods

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>> >And since when have animal rights been antithetical to science?  All
>> >that most activists are opposed to are some methods.
>The animal rights groups morally oppose animal experiments.  This is
>not a refutation of scientific evidence, unlike creationism.  The
>debate is a moral one, not a factual one.  The contention was that the
>animal-rights groups were liars.  From what I've seen, they just have a
>different viewpoint.

Nope. Sorry. Negative.  They actively propagate distortions, half-truths and 
outright lies about science and research in order to convince the public to 
adopt their "moral" viewpoint.  I hesitate recommending reading material 
about the subject because I realize that it's a wee bit like asking someone 
to draw their fingernail across a blackboard but you're a severe case. If you 
want primary, from the horse's mouth, sources then your institution may
be so blessed as to have a copy of "Animal Liberation" by Peter Singer 
wherein we learn the futility of testing drugs in animal models and how
"scientific secrecy" is keeping the truth from the public.  As Bill 
Pearson has already pointed out to you, all you really have to do is 
read and post to talk.politics.animals.  They'll be glad to tell you about 
how there has never been any medical benefit to using animal models, in 
more detail and with more references than you might imagine.  

You might try joining CFAAR for their excellent newsletter (though I 
seem to have fallen off their mail list myself lately).  
Coalition for Animals and Animal Research
P.O. Box 8060
Berkeley, CA  94707-8060
($5 student membership, $10 regular)
They have excellent news and reviews of animal rights group's activities 
and writings and have tried to organize support for animal research.

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