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        [examples showing that gene engineers are careless too]

> For a more cool-headed popular discussion of this issue, Friday's
> (June 25, 1993, OpEd) *Globe and Mail* had an article by Abby Lippman
> (@ McGill's dept. of epidemiology, & chair of the human genetics
> committee of the Council for Responsible Genetics) and Philip L.
> Bereano (@ U of Washington's College of Engineering, & chair of CRG's
> commercial biotechnilogical and environment committee). A short
> excerpt: 

>    "Despite the surrounding hype, genetic engineering is not
>    only about alleviating pain and suffering. The image of the altruistic
>    scientists expanding the frontiers of knowledge to cure disease has
>    been compromised by the reality of the entrepreneurial scientists...
>    more and more of whom are intimately linked to multinational
>    corporations and venture capitalists." (NB: the *Globe* is a
>    conservative business-oriented newspaper.)

   This excerpt puzzles me.  Is the implication that one must 
watch people who are making money more closely than those who 
are doing pure science?  Isn't it the case that needed safety
regulations should be in place no matter how the work is 
funded?  Where did these images of altruistic scientists come
from anyhow, the ad. campaign NASA put together for the Mecury 

   The whole excerpt seems a protest against the non-altruistic
nature of capitalisim and essentially irrelevant to the issue of
what safeguards are needed for genetically modified food.

Danwell at IASTATE.EDU 

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