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>do any of you have references on the following:
>1. what functions do (or can ?) repetitive elements have ? if possible a review 
>article or an article which shows some data on this.
>2. i remember a paper in which breastcancer was associated with a jumping
>alu element, do you know the reference ?
>i need this info for a publication, could find nothing yet with DIMDI.


I'd appreciate it if you could post that breast cancer reference if you find

You might try:
Science, 216:1065 -review
For transcription regulation related work:
FEB 251:79 -site specific protein interaction
MCB 9:355 -negative txn reg
NAR 14:6145 -alu silent in Hela cells

You might check into the rat ID sequence story.  Be warned: initial reports
of tissue specific transcriptional regulation activity turned out to be 
artifactual.  Sorry, all I have here at the moment is one of the initial 
papers.  It shouldn't be hard for you to track down.
PNAS 83:3751

There are a number of reports of recombination taking place between alu 
J Mol Evol 28:306
JBC 264:11394
Cell 48:827

Perhaps this is related to your oncogenesis recollection:
Oncogene Research 4:39 "Increased rate of specific RNA polymerase III 
transcription precede overexpression of cellular oncogenes upon induction
of transformation"

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