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> 1. what functions do (or can ?) repetitive elements have ? if possible a review 
> article or an article which shows some data on this.

There seem to be lots of theories and not much fact about this - let me know if
you get some definitive answers!!

> 2. i remember a paper in which breastcancer was associated with a jumping
> alu element, do you know the reference ?

These references may be helpful:

Dombroski et al., (1991) Science 254, 1805
Mathias et al., (1991) Science 254, 1808
Lin et al., (1988)  Cell 54, 153-159
Muratani et al., (1991) PNAS 88, 11315-11319
Kazazian et al., (1988) Nature 332, 164-166



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