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Mon Jun 28 19:22:33 EST 1993

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>So where's the cite for the 81%-herbicide resistance figure?

I believe the source for that was listed with the original post, *The
Gene Exchange*, but I could be mistaken. We should be talking to
Cummins in a day or so; I will confirm this then. However, according
to a May 1993 *Genee Exchange* bulletin, "A summary of a recent OECD
study shows that herbicide-tolerant crops were the subject of 57% of
the approvals of field trials conducted in OECD countries since 1986".

According to this same source, Canada did 36% of all field trials on
genetically engineered plants, while the U.S.A. did 37%. These two
countries did by far the largest number of tests.

Reid Cooper

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