Roundup (an offshoot of the gene tinkering in food discussion)

Eleanor Gallo-Hendrikx UGG00506 at VM.UOGUELPH.CA
Mon Jun 28 20:02:57 EST 1993


I've heard of and recently used Roundup to kill the weeds overwhelming
my garden-- I'm surprized my cat never got lost in that jungle :-).
Anyway, what is glyphosate and how does it work to kill plants?  Also,
is Killex (off hand I don't recall the active ingredient) similar to
Roundup?  Apparently, or so I'm led to believe, Killex will kill weeds
(and some desirable plants, so use precaution when using!) but not grass.
Anyone know the difference between these two products?

Thanks for any and all information!


Curiosity didn't kill the cat; it was the book that fell on top of him!

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