Need Safeguards for Gene-Tinkered Foods

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|> And since when have animal rights been antithetical to science?  All
|> that most activists are opposed to are some methods.
|> Jim (Who has yet to be assaulted by Toxoplasma rights activists)

You MUST be joking!!!!  You had better do some reading about the history
and tactics of 'animal rights' groups. Even the title they choose is a 
lie. Their goal is the total ellimination of animal use in any and all 
forms, including all animal husbandry, all zoos, and all other cases of
'animal imprisonment'. They are terrorist that will (and have) use(d) 
whatever lies and tactics will move them towards their goal. Every time
they win a small victory by requiring some 'improvement' in the conditions 
of lab animals, which they will claim is their goal, it is quickly followed
by more efforts to further restrict research. One of their most obvious and
successful tactics is to make research more and more costly by adding 
requirements for housing and handling (to say nothing of security) that
have made the cost of animal use skyrocket. 

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