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> > I would like to point out that genetically engineered crops pose little
> > threat to the environment since, as yet, no genetically engineered organism
> > has proved to be fitter to survive than the original organism.
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> Shortsighted argument!
> What IF a geneticlly engineered organism proves to be fitter?
> Fitness depends on the environment.

This week's (24th June 1993) issue of Nature may not have made it across the
Atlantic or to the southern hemisphere yet.

In it there is a News and Views article by P. Kareiva on a paper by M.J.
Crawley et al. which looks at the fitness of genetically engineered oil seed
rape in several environments and locations in the U.K.  I recall that their
finding was that there was no difference between the fitness of `normal' oil
seed rape, one with a marker gene inserted, and one with the marker gene and
a gene which conferred resistance to a herbicide.  (That is only my
recollection - I may have got the facts wrong.)

If there is interest I will post the reference and a more precise summary
of their findings.

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