Need Safeguards for Gene-Tinkered Foods

Bucksteroony brent at
Tue Jun 29 20:54:08 EST 1993

stcmille at (Stephen C. Miller) writes:

>Just about every important species of animal and plant that humans rely
>upon for food has been genetically manipulated - often virtually beyond
>recognition.  Corn is perhaps the best example of this. However any
>plant that is selectively bred is at least somewhat "artificial."

>It's hard for me to understand wht the fuss is about with genetically
>engineered foods, since the genes being introduced are for the most part
>known quantities, as opposed to, say, hybridizing with wild species,
>whose properties may be completely unknown.  it seems to me that
>genetically engineered foods would probably be safer because of this.

Are you allergic to wheat?

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