Dr John Gibbons on Internet talk radio.

Rob Harper Rob.Harper at csc.fi
Wed Jun 30 02:43:34 EST 1993

Station: Internet Multicasting Service
Channel: Internet Talk Radio
Program: TechNation ... Americans & Technology
Release: June 24, 1993
Content: Dr. John Gibbons

On this week's "TechNation ... Americans & Technology," hosted by
Dr. Moira Gunn:

     Moira interviews Dr. John Gibbons, Science Advisor to
President Clinton, Director of the White Office of Science and
Technology Policy, and Executive Director of the National Space
Council.  This week's program is a full-hour interview which
covers just what the Science Advisor does, how Science and
Technology Policy is communicated from the President to the various
agencies, and how policies and directives become implemented
within the Federal Government.  The topics include the technology
initiative, information superhighways, upcoming decisions on the
space station, and the future of nuclear fusion research.
     Network connectivity for Internet Talk Radio is provided by 
UUNET Technologies.  Support for "local" broadcast of TechNation is
made possible by Sun Microsystems and by O'Reilly & Associates.

ITR Program Files: 

Size           Name                      Description
28,795,323     062493_tech_01_ITR.au     TechNation Program File
               062493_tech_ITR.readme    (This File)

TechNation Program ID: 93-T19-00024

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