Dr John Gibbons on Internet talk radio.

Littlejohn Tim little at ERE.UMontreal.CA
Wed Jun 30 13:39:44 EST 1993

Rob.Harper at csc.fi (Rob Harper) writes:

>Station: Internet Multicasting Service
>Channel: Internet Talk Radio
>Program: TechNation ... Americans & Technology
>Release: June 24, 1993
>Content: Dr. John Gibbons
>For a listing of some distribution sites, send mail to sites at radio.com.

If you do this, you will discover that a number of these sites are 
available through Gopher at the MegaGopher:

To access Internet Talk Radio via Gopher, point your gopher at:

and select:

	 -->  6.  Internet Resources/
	  -->  2.  Internet Radio/
	   -->  2.  Broadcasts/
	    -->  3.  Broadcasts via ftp archives/

and then select from:

	 -->  1.  Readme FIRST!.
	      2.  Asia_Pacific/
	      3.  Europe/
	      4.  USA/

In addition, Canadians can access the MegaGopher by selecting:

	 -->  6.  Internet Resources/
	  -->  2.  Internet Radio/
	   -->  2.  Broadcasts/
	    -->  2.  Broadcasts kept on Megasun/

If you don't know what gopher is or would like some more info., please
just drop me a note.


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