Need Safeguards for Gene-Tinkered Foods

James F.X. Wellehan James.F.X.Wellehan at
Wed Jun 30 13:40:12 EST 1993

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chimento at (Thomas Chimento) writes:

> One of
> the most famous quotes from these groups is "the life of a rat is 
> equal to the life of a child." These people are frightening.

As I said before, that's not a lie, that's a moral viewpoint.  Any
moral standpoint, when looked at from an opposing one, is frightening. 
It's an epistemic trauma.  Yes, they do want to stop animal research,
but their reasons seem to be because they consider it morally wrong,
not factually wrong.  As I said before, I find the whole debate very
similar to the abortion debate.  Yes, there are extremist animal rights
groups parallel to Operation Rescue in abortion, and they get more
publicity.  I would still contend that is basically a moral and not a
factual debate.

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