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+do any of you have references on the following:
+1. what functions do (or can ?) repetitive elements have ? if possible a review 
+article or an article which shows some data on this.
+2. i remember a paper in which breastcancer was associated with a jumping
+alu element, do you know the reference ?
+i need this info for a publication, could find nothing yet with DIMDI.

......was my question, to which i already received some answers.
however, several neteers asked me for this ref concerning breastcancer and 
alu sequences, which i have now found.... altho it shows again what a bad
memory i have, namely the original paper is:

cell, 54, 153-259 (1988) "identification of alu transposition in
human lung carcinoma cells"
(these cells were cancer cells before the alu element started jumping, though !)

....and by coincedence i found the correction to this paper also:
cell, 59, page 9 (1989) same titel + ":correction"

basically, the authors state that the jumping alu fragment was wildtype and
originated from the genome of the cells used in the study, however a referee
observed that the sequence of this element had too much homology to an
alu construct used in many studies (and also in a neighbouring lab, they
seemed to have used the same cellculture room). This seems to fit in more
with the discussion on "gene-tinkering". 

well, perhaps you should read it yourself...

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