Need Safeguards for Gene-Tinkered Foods

Michael Holloway mhollowa at
Wed Jun 30 20:38:05 EST 1993

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>> One of
>> the most famous quotes from these groups is "the life of a rat is 
>> equal to the life of a child." These people are frightening.
>As I said before, that's not a lie, that's a moral viewpoint.  Any
>moral standpoint, when looked at from an opposing one, is frightening. 
>It's an epistemic trauma.  Yes, they do want to stop animal research,
>but their reasons seem to be because they consider it morally wrong,
>not factually wrong.

Hellooooooo? Jim? Are you receiving? Has there been something wrong with
the news servers?  Once again: they lie about FACTS of medical and 
biological research.  You don't seem to want to acknowledge this, or to 
acknowledge that people have told you that this is so but you haven't had 
the opportunity to look into it yourself.  Better 
be careful or people will start to think you have some agenda antithetical
to the work alot of us are involved in.

Jim, there doesn't HAVE to be a middle ground, PC stance, to everything.
You don't have to automatically assume that a controversial topic that you
know nothing about is being heated up by extremists.  Sometimes one side IS
wrong, or at least less correct.


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