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Dan Jacobson danj at
Tue Mar 2 17:33:38 EST 1993

In article <1993Mar2.140911.98 at> wmelchior at writes:
>Using the biogopher at, one can search for
>investigators funded by NIH.  (Thanks, Dan.)  Working with the same
>menu item, one can also search the abstracts for topics, to get abstracts
>dealing with those topics. Two questions: 
>Is there another, possibly better, way to look for investigators of a given 
>Just what is being searched at jhu?  Is it a complete set of NIH grant

You're searching all (86,000 plus) NIH grant abstracts.

(I'm obviously a bit biased here but I think that this is a pretty
good start.  You can search by name, by location, by topic ...
And the results give you the investigators name, address and a description
of their work.) 

Best of luck,

Dan Jacobson

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