Genetic Engineering Survey by high school genetics class

Valasek Genetics Class survey at MSMS.DoE.k12.MS.US
Wed Mar 3 02:56:20 EST 1993

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The Genetics class at the Mississippi School for Mathematics and
Science, under instructor Jon Valasek, is conducting a survey to
determine the views held by people regarding genetic engineering
and gene therapy.  Any responces would be greatly appreciated.
If you wish to respond, send mail to the reply address of this
message, survey at, with your answers to the
following questions.  Also, if you wish to receive a copy of the
results, please indicate so.  All responces must be sent no later
than Thursday March 4, 1993.  The results will be compiled on
Friday, and mailed to those interested.  Thank you very much
for your time.
                                              David Simmons

1.  What is your age?
2.  What is your gender?
3.  What is your occupation?
4.  Do you believe scientists should make genetic modifications
    to plants and animals?
5.  Do you believe scientists should modify human genes?
6.  If you were suspected of carrying a genetic disorder,
    would you want to know?
7.  Which of the following beliefs is closest to your own?
    A. Abortion should not be allowed in any case.
    B. Abortion should be allowed only in special cases
       such as rape or incest.
    C. Abortion should be an option in all cases.
8.  Do you favor or oppose the use of fetal tissue for gene therapy?
9.  Would you favor or oppose the release of genetic information to
    insurance companies or government agencies?
10. Do you think parents should have the right to choose the genetic
    makeup of their children (i.e. hair color, eye color, etc.)?

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