Sulphur bugs

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Thu Mar 4 12:14:54 EST 1993

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>Have you checked with the ATCC (American Type Culture Collection).

>One of their phone numbers I have in front of me is


>address:  ATCC
>	  Sales and Marketing Dept.
>	  12301 Parklawn Drive
>	  Rockville, Maryland
>	  20862
>	  USA

>I've no affiliation with thme nor with any partial interests.

>Andre Hamel
>MAnitoba Vet. Virol.
>Winnipeg, MAnitoba

>email: hamel at

Does ATCC have a ghopher hole or ftp adress, or at least an E-mail adress?
Any netter has the same information about the E.coli Genetic Stock Center in the yale university? Thanks in advance.

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