Classification of teratogens help needed

Dat Trieu Le dl10696 at
Thu Mar 4 13:26:45 EST 1993

mjuric at (Mark Juric [MSAI]) writes:

>   I need some help classifying some compounds, and I was wondering if there
>is anyone who could point me in the direction of software or texts for
>this task.  I could also use some firm definitions for the following terms:
>	a) Aromatic heterocycles
>	b) Carboaromatic
>	c) Aliphatic (with rings)
>	d) Alicyclic
>	e) Acyclic
>I am trying to classify a list of compounds according to these catagories.
>If anyone has any suggestions for classifying and differentiating teratogenic 
>and non-teratogenic compounds according to this or any other scheme, all help
>would be appreciated.

I'm not sure what a teratogen is. But to find definitions for a-e,
any introductory text to organic chemistry will suffice.

I think carboaromatic are referred to as just aromatics.

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