Science Article on Electronic Publishing among Physicists

Don Gilbert gilbertd at
Thu Mar 4 20:32:06 EST 1993

I'm for the suggestions by Dave Kristofferson that biologists
make preprints and/or preprint-abstracts available electronically.
IUBio archive will be happy to store and serve out thru gopher & ftp
any such documents.  I have been suggesting that the wordprocessor
format known as RTF is the closest to a general rich text/document/picture
file format that many biologists now have access to thru software.
Note that RTF format is of a kind that can be sent thru e-mail without
problems, and images can be included in it.

Here is a list of RTF (Rich Text Format) capable wordprocessors:

Platform       Wordprocessor             Version
--------       ---------------          ----------------
Mac            Microsoft Word           all versions
Mac            WordPerfect              1?, 2 (current)
Mac            WriteNow                 2,3 (current)
Mac            MacWrite II              (current)

MS-DOS         Microsoft Word           all versions (?)
MS-DOS         WordPerfect              The version we have does not. 3.1?
MS-DOS         AmiPro (Lotus)           2 and 3 Better that Word Perfect

MS-Windows     Microsoft Word           all versions
MS-Windows     WordPerfect              current 
MS-Windows     Dagesh                   1.0 

NeXT           WriteNow                 current
NeXT           WordPerfect              (Not yet?)

Acorn RISCOS   !Impression             with Business package

Sun            WordPerfect              Not yet

XWindows       WordPerfect              Not yet
XWindows       Framemaker		(maybe, not verified)
XWindows       Andrew User Interface System

Unix command-line  troff/ditroff        any - using troff2rtf and rtf2troff

XWindows = various Unix computers with xwindows unless specified.
troff2rtf and rtf2troff are available by ftp from
Wayne Rindone registered a request with WordPerfect corp to have
them add RTF to their XWin-Unix versions.

Don Gilbert                                     gilbert at
biocomputing office, biology dept., indiana univ., bloomington, in 47405

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