Science Article on Electronic Publishing among Physicists

Dave Kristofferson kristoff at NET.BIO.NET
Fri Mar 5 15:46:14 EST 1993

Don et al.,

	RTF is probably a good choice.  This can be chosen from the
File Format option in the Save dialog box on MS Word, for example.
Anything that gets posted to such a newsgroup would be automatically
archived for gopher and FTP at IUBIO and also for WAIS and FTP
retrieval at  We would probably set up a separate WAIS
source devoted solely to searching this one newsgroup, just as we did
for the BIO-JOURNALS group.

	My suggestion for newsgroup circulation, however, is still
limited to abstracts because of the copyright issues.  If IUBIO wants
to assume the liability for circulating preprints, that one is up to
you.  That's one of my drawbacks of being located at a commercial
company; we'd probably be a more tempting target for a lawsuit.


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