worrying about copyright (was: Re: Science Article...)

Reinhard Doelz doelz at comp.bioz.unibas.ch
Sat Mar 6 07:22:29 EST 1993

dan at cubmol.bio.columbia.edu (Daniel Zabetakis) writes:

>In article <CMM. at net.bio.net> kristoff at NET.BIO.NET (Dave Kristofferson) writes:
>>	My suggestion for newsgroup circulation, however, is still
>>limited to abstracts because of the copyright issues.  If IUBIO wants
>    I suggest that if you are really worried about copyright, then you
>might as well drop the whole idea. Any lawyer would advise that you
>shouldn't keep or distribute _any_ copyrighted material. Since everything

I am more concerned about the documents referring to networking and biology
related net documents. You suerly remember the hick-hack on FAQs for this 
board. Copyright would imply no editing. RTF and similar wordprocessor 
formats inherently bear the danger of valued documents to be falsified. 
This must not be entirely negative (I use to have a lot of typos in my 
document because English isn't my mother tongue) but it raises the question
whether there is a copyright for these documents which can be applied 
_despite_ the fact that that they are distributed. I would think that 
a shareware principle could be usefule (if you use it, pay $XX to the 

Second question in this series refers to the databases; whether or not 
a copyright applies becomes clear if I get asked how many people actually
_need_ my database service on bioftp. As long as these circulate freely, 
and are copied, formatted, redistributed by whomever feels addressed doing
so, the quality control on the data (and the overview on the distribution)
becomes rather difficult. I do not think that any of the large database 
providers exactly knows how many copies are actually in use. 



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