monoclonal screening method?

Frederick Garbrecht fgarbrec at POST.ITS.MCW.EDU
Sun Mar 7 17:33:56 EST 1993

There is probably no simple screening method to do what you want.  Since
the antibody you want to find is functionally defined, then you need a
functional screening assay; that is, if the antibody binds to a protein
that mediates macrophage binding to tumor cells, then set up a macrophage
- tumor cell binding assay, and then look for binding inhibition in your
hybridoma supernatants.  Of course, this approach will identify (if you
are lucky) any determinant whose binding by antibody will disrupt binding
to your tumor line, not just *the* determinant (if there is any such
thing).  Good luck.

Fred Garbrecht
Medical College of Wisconsin
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On 3 Mar 1993, Sheila Hoogstraat wrote:

> Date: 3 Mar 93 04:00:42 GMT
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> Subject: monoclonal screening method?
> I am currently working on a research project in immunology at my 
> university and am in need of some assistance.
> I am in need of a method for screening monoclonal antibodies.  The 
> project is intended to locate the protein that enables murine 
> macrophages to bind to tumor cells in order for tumor cell lysis to
> occur. 
> Any assistance would be appreciated.
> Please reply by e-mail to the address below.
> Thank you
> Sheila Hoogstraat
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