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In article <little.731356026 at alize.ERE.UMontreal.CA> little at ERE.UMontreal.CA (Littlejohn Tim) writes:
>gilbertd at (Don Gilbert) writes:
>>I'm for the suggestions by Dave Kristofferson that biologists
>>make preprints and/or preprint-abstracts available electronically.
>>IUBio archive will be happy to store and serve out thru gopher & ftp
>>any such documents.  I have been suggesting that the wordprocessor
>>format known as RTF is the closest to a general rich text/document/picture
>>file format that many biologists now have access to thru software.
>>Note that RTF format is of a kind that can be sent thru e-mail without
>>problems, and images can be included in it.
>What about using postscript?  It meets all the requirements of RTF
>described above (emailable with images included) AND, thanks to the gnu
>team, can be viewed on most hardware/OS platforms for free.  Also,
>it is (usually) a simple job to print it out if it's in postscript
>format.  The problem is that the files are often VERY big, and so we 
>potentially also have a bandwidth issue...

Well an idea absolutely welcomed, only two questions ....
send particulars about how to send to IUBio archive ..... and
about RTF, that I remember is one of the formats with Microsoft Word,
what is the differerence with SGML? In the physics community this
seems the standard .... also postscript seems good enough ... the
problem with the size of the files  can be taken care by compression
they usually shrink quite a bit.

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