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	BDT Gopher now online.
	The following databases are available:
	. Who's who in Biodiversity in Brazil (Portuguese)
	. Who's who in Botany: Brazilian Society of Botany (Portuguese)
	. Brazilian Herbaria (Portuguese)
	. National Catalogue of Strains: Bacteria (English and Portuguese)
	. National Catalogue of Strains: Filamentous Fungi and Yeasts
	                                 (English and Portuguese)
	. National Catalogue of Strains: Algae (English and Portuguese)
	. National Catalogue of Strains: Protozoa (English and Portuguese)
	. National Catalogue of Strains: Virus  (English and Portuguese)
	. National Catalogue of Strains: Cell Tissues (English)
	. Antimicrobial Agents (Portuguese)
	BDT gopher server also includes all messages from the biodiv-l at
	mailing list.
	If you have a gopher client, type 'gopher 70' to reach us. If
	you have access to a directory of other gophers in the world, BDT is under
	South America.
	For more information on this gopher or if you have any suggestions as to
	how we can make this service better please send a message to
	manager at
	Dora Ann Lange Canhos         E-mail: dora at
	Base de Dados Tropical        Tel:    +55 192 427022
	Fundacao "Andre' Tosello"     Fax:    +55 192 427827

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