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	Subject: STACnet:
	STACnet (Science and Technology Advisory Council's Electronic
	Network) is a newly established network of people who act as the
	electronic arm of the Office of International Cooperation on
	Science and Technology, Department of Foreign Affairs, The
	Philippines. DFA's program is aimed use expatriate human
	resources and other experts in key development programs of the
	There are currently 22 STACs in different cities in the world.
	They will be abe to communicate with other STACnet members via
	its mailing list STACNET at SEARN.SUNET.SE
	Members of STACnet will help monitor scientific and
	technological developments abroad, facilitate technology transfer
	and may perform consultancies or provide assisstance to public or
	private sectors in the Philippines. Individuals with serious
	concern to help the advancement of S&T in the Philippines are
	also invited to join this list.
	This mailing list may also be used for discussions in networking
	and common issues of S&T; information exchange of activities of
	STACs abroad and of other organizations whose activities may be
	of interest to STACnet; etc., etc.
	From:     Eng-Leong Foo, STACnet Coordinator
	          Unesco Microbial Resources Center
	          Karolinska Institute, 10401 Stockholm, Sweden
	          Phone: 46-8-7287145    Fax: 46-8-331547
	          E-mail: Eng-Leong_Foo_MIRCEN-KI%MICFORUM at MICA.MIC.KI.SE

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