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> On 11 Mar 93 00:03:09 GMT you said:
> >>Is it legal to ask via the net a copy of a published (in a Journal) article?
> >>I mean, not directly to the author(s), but for anyone who has it.  Does it
> >>infringe the copyright?
> >>
> >   Not if you pay the reprint charge.
> >
> >   BTW, does anyone ever charge for reprints when requested?
> >
> >DanZ
> >
> Can anybody give me some light in the subject?  Sorry, this is new to me.
> I've seen some charge for reprints in some articles, and some others with
> a line with something related to 'marked as advertisement'.
> Sorry, english is not my native language.

No need to apologize - there are no mistakes in your postings!

Reprint charges are paid by the authors to the journals.  I have
*never* heard of anyone passing this charge on to people who request

I am not an expert but I believe that copyright laws allow one to make
a limited number of copies for "scholarly purposes."  What the limits
are and how universally this is accepted I don't know.  Posting a
complete paper to a newsgroup would probably be seen as a way to
circumvent paying reprint charges.  Sending one copy by e-mail, just
like making a xerox copy in your library, might be O.K.  There are
probably differing opinions on this.


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