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Thu Mar 11 15:07:02 EST 1993

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>On 11 Mar 93 00:03:09 GMT you said:
>>>Is it legal to ask via the net a copy of a published (in a Journal) article?
>>>I mean, not directly to the author(s), but for anyone who has it.  Does it
>>>infringe the copyright?
>>   Not if you pay the reprint charge.
>>   BTW, does anyone ever charge for reprints when requested?
>Can anybody give me some light in the subject?  Sorry, this is new to me.
>I've seen some charge for reprints in some articles, and some others with
>a line with something related to 'marked as advertisement'.

    Most journals (all that I have seen) place a price on the first page of
every article. Theoretically, you are supposed to pay this if you maike a copy.
Nobody does.  I guess if you let people make copies for free, then you can't
really claim to hold a copyright.
    In the US, if you pay for something to be printed, it must be marked as
an advertisement. Since most (all?) journals charge you when you publish, the
article must be marked as an advertisement.


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