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Sat Mar 13 13:19:41 EST 1993

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>>   I guess if you let people make copies for free, then you can't
>> really claim to hold a copyright.
>The charge is for copies beyond "fair use."  When a professor wants to hand
>out a copy of the paper to each student, that is beyond "fair use."  Many
>university bookstores will prepare copies, pay the charges to the CCC, and
>sell them to the students.  If you place a copyright notice, you hold a
>copyright.  Failure to sue infringers does not make the copyright invalid.

    For one, you hold copyright whether or not you place a notice on the work.
Your notebooks are copyrighted. 
    Second, if your policy is that people can make free copies, then you 
won't be able to demostrate damage in a suit. So you won't win.


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