NIH abstracts

Wed Mar 17 21:35:30 EST 1993

>        I thought that I saw a reference to an ftp or gopher site for
> scanning NIH abstracts, posted on this newsgroup.  Typically, I didn't
> save the article nor did I find such a reference in Una Smith's FAQ.
> If I am not imagining this reference would someone email the
> information to me?  I am already aware of which lists
> the NIH Guide to Grants and Contracts which seems to be essentially a
> list of announcements.  Something akin to for the NSF
> would be ideal.  Thanks.
> --
> Edwin Barkdoll
> barkdoll at
> eb3 at

NIH Abstracts can be searched in the Welchlab (at Johns Hopkins University)
gopher hole.  Look under "search for biologist" or something similar.
Kudos to Dan Jacobson for making this service available.

Jim Cassatt

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