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Thu Mar 18 02:52:39 EST 1993


The Bioprocessing Technology Unit is looking for an INNOVATIVE and 
INVENTIVE post-doctoral molecular biologist who has had experience in 
identifying, isolating, mutating and cloning recombinant genes (using a 
variety of novel and conventional promoters) into Chinese Hamster Ovary 
(especially), insect, yeast or E. coli cells.

Initially, s/he may be cloning snake venom or marine toxins into one of 
the above hosts for expression, structural and biological studies. S/he  
will also help the Cell Culture Group to understand the molecular basis 
of increased antibody production in hybridoma cells under stress 
conditions; the Fermentation Group to overexpress a cytokine in a 
soluble form, which currently exists as inclusion bodies; as well as 
undertaking other tasks such as developing PCR methods for 
diagnostic kits for the DNA/Peptide Synthesis Group.....etc. [Suffice to  
say, it will be a very challenging position and much will be learnt from 
our open interaction within our multi-disciplinary groups.] 

A 3 year contract will be offered and remuneration will be subject to 
work experience and equivalent to similar positions in academia in the 
U.S.A. Accommodation will be provided for to non-Singaporeans.  

Please send your applications with full resume and certificates to:-

Dr. Miranda Yap               or                Dr. Steve Oh
Director                                        Project Leader,

The Bioprocessing Technology Unit,
National University of Singapore,
10 Kent Ridge Crescent,

FAX: 65 775 4933

Preferred e-mails of Dr. Steve Oh:1) engohkw at
                                  2) engohkw at

Thank you for your interest.

Yours Biotechnologically,

Dr. Steve Oh

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