DISCUSSION: INFO-GCG/bionet.software.gcg

Francis Ouellette francis at monod.Biol.McGill.CA
Sun Mar 21 17:59:54 EST 1993

A few thoughts about this proposal:

1) it is the first commercial package specific group under the
	BIOSCI/bionet umbrella.  The rules for creating a newsgroup 
	under BIOSCI are a lost easier to meet than to create, say a 
	"sci.*" group, and in those you don't have the people at in 
	California and in the UK to help you out when you are stuck.  So
	I think that Dave K.'s "reservations" should not be brushed
	aside so easily.

2) Should the whole bionet.software "tree" be redone? 
	bionet.software.IG-Suite, bionet.software.Staden,
	bionet.software.dos, bionet.software.unix and so on and so on ...
	Will we be plagued with multiple cross-postings?  I am already
	seeing it in the rapd and methods group!
	I dought we need to do this now, but maybe this is just the 
	beginning of the specialization that we are seing in other 
	parts of bionet.

3) I think this group will (if and when it passes, but I am sure it will) be 
	very good to bring "yet another" slice of Internet users to BIOSCI.
	I am sure there are a few present INFO-GCG users which do not
	know about BIOSCI (is the INFO-GCG list owner cross posting
	these to INFO-GCG?).

So I look forward to this groups creation, and I think it will enrich
the bionet.software "tree", inform non GCG users about the pittfalls and
short commings of the package (it is a double edge sword!), and
contribute to the strenghtening of bionet/BIOSCI as a group.

_But_ the BIOSCI_gatekeepers have expressed "reservations" ...  
I think a quick perusal of the INFO-GCG postings over the last few years 
would show that the "standard" of postings to that group should remove 
any doughts about the lack of "commercialism", and we can only hope that 
it would be the same, if not better under the BIOSCI umbrella.

anyway, I think this is a very healthy discussion, and has removed some
of the reservations I had.



| B.F. Francis "YES on YEAST" Ouellette  
| manager, yeast chromosome I & XVI sequencing project
| dept of biology, McGill university, Montreal, Qc, Canada
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