Hillary Rodham Clinton's Sovietology Exercise

Steven Smith smith at minerva.harvard.edu
Wed Mar 24 18:29:49 EST 1993

The Wall Street Journal published today a list of names of people
thought to be working on the Clinton administration's secret
health-care reform package.

The WSJ requested help identifying these individuals, so I scanned the
list and present it here along with the accompanying article with the
hope that it will help to illuminate these proceedings whose outcome
could affect all Americans and their progeny, but are nevertheless
insulated from public inspection and debate.

Steven Smith

[Taken without permission from the Wall Street Journal, March 24, 1993.
The text was scanned with an OCR machine; there are undoubtedly typos,
but if you think like an OCR reader, you should be able to unscramble them.]

Remember Kremlinology? And Sinology? Back in the days of the Soviet
Union and Mao's China, to find out who was running things in those
countries, Western experts would pore over photographs of government
functions, checking out which officials were present.  Elaborate
theories about political power in Moscow or Beijing were built on the
basis of which official was standing next to Brezhnev at the May Day
parade or which general was now being airbrushed out of earlier photos
of Mao on the Great March.

In Washington in 1993, things aren't that easy.  At least not so far
as Hillary Rodham Clinton's task force on health care reform is
concerned.  The White House hasn't released any photographs of the
500-plus people who are now drafting a plan to redo the nation's
health care system.  In fact, it won't even release their names.
These anonymous men and women toil in secret, devising a reform plan
that will affect every single American and is likely to be the largest
and most expensive domestic program since the New Deal.

Who are they?  The Wall Street Journal has obtained a list of 528 men
and women on the taskforce.  Although some spellings differ and the
names are sometimes repeated, it appears to be the same list that was
obtained by Rep. Gerald Solomon (R., N.Y.), who entered it into the
Congressional Record Thursday.  Bob Boorstin, a task force spokesman
(and whose name is on the list), told us yesterday that ``It's an
incorrect list,'' although he conceded that ``It's not all false.''
There are more than 500 people on more than 30 working groups, he
said, which ``change and grow every day.''

We recognize some of the names of the list---Tipper Gore, Princeton
health-care experts Paul Starr and Uwe Reinhardt, some government
staffers.  But we ask your help, Dear Reader, in identifying the rest.
If you think you know who someone is, please fax us at (212) 416-2658.
Address it: Kremlinologists.  We'll let you know next week what we
find out.

*ADDISON-BURTON, L.     GOLUB, Larry           NORQUIST, Grayson
 ADLER, Michele         GOODMAN, Nancy        *O'BRIEN, Mary Jo
 AIKEN, Linda           GOODWIN, Marsha        OFFNER, Paul
 ALBERGHINI, Theresa    GOODY, Brigit          OGDEN, John
 ALLEN, Lucy            GOPLERUD, Eric         OMEARA, Janis
 ALPERT, Cynthia        GORDON, Nancy          O'NEIL, Patricia
 ALTMAN, David          GORE, Tipper           O'NEILL, Kim
 ALTMIRE, Jason         GRAMS, Todd            OSHER, Fred
 ANDERSON, Robert       GREENBERG, George      OTRIN, Susdn
 ANTOS, Joe             GREENWALD, Leslie     *PAHWA, Raj
 ARNETT, Ross           GROSS, Marcy           PANG, Frederick
 ARONS, Bernie          GRUNDMAN, Martha       PARADISE, Julia
 ASH, Sherry            GUST, Sleve            PATEL, Pardshar
 ATKINSON, Leslie      *HADLEY, Elizabeth      PAYNE, Mary
 AUKERMAN, Glen         HADLEY, James          PAYTON, Sally Anne
 AUSTEIN, Cheryl        HAMERSCHLAG, Art       PICILLO, Theresa
*BAKER, Lawrence        HANDY, Carolvn         PIGEON, Steve
 BALL, Judy             HARAHAN, Mary          PIRES, Sheila
 BANDEIAN, Stephen      HARDOCK, Randy         PLAUT, Tom
 BANTHIN, Jessica       HARPER, Mary           POLLITZ, Karen
 BAQUET, Claudia        HARRIS, Skila          PORTMAN, Robert
 BARBOUR, Galen         HARVELL, Jennie        POSEY, Krndall
 BARSTOW, Scott         HARVEY, Molly          POTETZ, Lisa
 BAUM, Nancy            HASH, Mike             PRATT, Donald
 BEASON, Charlotte      HASTINGS, Kathleen     PRICE, Andrea
 BEAUREGARD, Karen      HAVERKOS, Harry        PURKISS, Cynthia
 BERENSON, Robert       HAYES, Charlotte       PUSKIN, Dena
 BERGTHOLD, Linda       HEADLEY, Edward        PYLE, Thomas
 BERNER, Kevin          HEATH, Karen          *QUAM, Lois
 BERRY, Roger           HEENAN, Tricia        *RADER, Ann
 BESTEMAN, Jacqueline   HELLINGER, Fred        RAFUSE, Bob
 BEVERLY, John          HENSLEY, Scoff         RAYMOND, Victor
 BIELECKI, Colleen      HERTZ, Tom             REEVES, Linda
 BIEWIRTH, Maggie       HICKMAN, Pefer         REGIER, Darrel
 BILLY, Carrie          HIGHT, Joe             REINECKE, Peter
 BISCHOFF, Victoria     HILL, Tim              REINHARDT, Uwe
 BLACKBURN, Kate        HINZ, Richard          REYES, Louane
 BLAUWET, Roger         HIX, Mike              RICE, Cheri
 BLOCH, Robert          HOAGWOOD, Kimberly     RICHARDSON, Sally
 BLOCK, Abby            HOGUE, Bonnie          RICKETSON, Denlse
 BLOSS, Greg            HOLTZBLATT, Jane       RIVO, Marc
 BLUMENTHAL, Susan      HORVATH, Jdne          ROBINSON, Sandra
 BODE, Molly            HORVATH, Thomas        RODRIGUEZ, Louise
 BOEHM, Jennifer        HOSEK, Susan           ROGERS, David
 BOERUM, Denise         HUCKABY, Michelle      ROSLN, Bob
 BOORSTIN, Bob          HUMAN, Jeffrey         ROSENBAUM, Sarah
 BORZI, Phyllis         HUNTER, Gillian        ROSENMAN, P.
 BRAND, Marcia         *IBSON, Ralph           ROSS, Marjorie
 BREW, Bill             IRWIN, Jean            ROSWELL, Bob
 BRIGGS, Bette          ISKOWRITZ, Michael     ROUSE, Beatrice
 BROCK, C.              IVORY, J.              ROVIN, Lisa
 BRODBECK, Laura        IWRY, Mark             ROWLAND, D.
 BROSTROM, Molly       *JACKSON, Paul          ROZEN, Robert
 BROWN, Richard         JACOBS, Terry          RUESCHEMEYER, S.
 BRUNS, Kevin           JARBOE, Kenan          RUYLE, Kenneth
 BUCK, Jeff             JENCKS, Steve          RYAN, Patrick
 BUCKINGHAM, Warren     JENNINGS, Christopher *SAGE, William
 BUDETTI, Peter         JENSEN, Peter          SALMON, Marla
 BUENO, Irene           JODREY, Darre          SAMPSON, Neil
 BUFFINGTON, Max        JOHNSON, Don           SAMUELSDN, Elin
 BUONORA, David         JOICE, Sylvia          SATCHER, David
 BURNER, Sally          JONES, Marcia          SCHECKEL, Lisa
 BURNETT, Laird         JONES, Sandra          SCHEPPACH, Raymond
 BURNEY, Ira            JORLING, Tim           SCHIEBER, George
 BUTO, Kathleen         JOSEPHFOX, Yvette      SCHMID, Stuart
*CALLAHAN, Cathi        JUSTIN, Murray         SCHNEIDER, Andy
 CAMERON, Alice        *KASS, David            SCHULKE, David
 CAMPBELL, Lawrence     KATTEN, Aar            SCHULTZ, B. I.
 CARLSON, Ron           KATZ, Ruth             SCHUNEMAN, Mary
 CAVANAUGH, Sean        KATZLEAVY, Judith      SCHUSTER, Jim
 CHALLINOR, Joan        KAZDIN, Robert         SCOTT, Sharon
 CHAMBERS, Caroline     KEENE, Brad            SEAGRAVE, Chuck
 CHANG, Debbie          KEITH, Sam             SHAFFER, Ellen
 CHARLES, Gerald        KELLEY, Lauren         SHEINER, Louise
 CHAVEZ, Melba          KELLEY, Samuel         SHEINGOLD, Steven
 CLARK, Robert          KEMPER, Peter          SHELDON, George
 CLARK, William         KENDALL, David         SHINN, Ruth
 CLAUSER, Steven        KENNEDY, Fortunata     SHIRLEY, Aaron
 CLAXTON, Gary          KENYON, Kathleen       SHORT, Elizabeth
 CLAY, Jimmy            KEPNER, Colleen        SHORT, Pamela
 CLAYPOOL, Robert       KERY, Pat              SHRIBER, Donald
 CLEMENTE, Frank        KICHAK, Nancy          SILVA, John
 COHEN, Allan           KING, Andrea           SILVER, Jonathon
 COHEN, Joel            KING, Gary             SIMON, Marsha
 COHEN, Rima            KING, Kathy            SIMPSON, Bobby
 COOPER, Barbara        KING, Roland           SISKIND, Fred
 COOPER, Davld          KLEIN, Jennifer        SLACKMAN, Joel
 COOPER, Phillip        KOLODNER, Robert       SMITH, Barbara
 COPELAND, Robert       KOSS, Shannah          SMITH, Curt
 COSTER, John           KRAKAUER, Henry        SMITH, Elmer
 COX, Ken               KRONICK, Rick          SMITH, Mark
 CREENFELD, Helaine     KRUEGER, Alan          SMITH, Mary
 CROW, Shelly           KURSH, Gail            SOBEL, Larry
 CRUMP, Janice          KUTZERA, Michael       SOCHALSKI, Julie
 CURTIS, Richard        KUZMACK, Rich          SOFAER, Shoshana
 CURTIS, Rick          *LANGENBRUNNER, J.      SOLOMON, Dan
 CUTLER, David          LASKER, Roz            SOLOMON, Loel
*DANIELS, Susan         LAVIZZOMOUREY, R.      SOLOMON, Maria
 DAVIES, Monica         LAWLER, Greqory        SPAULDING, Vernon
 DAVIS, Karen           LAWSON, Eric           SPRINGER, Michael
 DAVIS, Rosemary        LAWSON, Karl           STARR, Paul
 DELEW, Nancy           LEATHERS, Howard       STEELE, Pamela
 DEMLO, Linda           LEE, Phil              STEINAUER, Dennis
 DENHAM, Lori           LEFKOWITZ, Bonnie      STEINBROOK, Erna
 DENTON, Denise         LEHMANN, Lauren        STEPHENS, Sharman
 DERGNAN, Kathy         LESHNER, Alan          STOLINE, Anne
 DEWANE, Mary           LEVINE, Debby          STONE, Robyn
 DIEGMAN, Kathy         LEVINE, Greg           STROUL, Beth
 DINKELACKER, Bill      LEVITT, Larry          SUCHINSKY, Richard
 DONAHUE, Agnes         LEVY, Helen            SUMAYA, Ciro
 DONESKI, Ellen         LEWISIDEMA, Deborah    SVENONIUS, Diane
 DOTY, Pam              LILLIE, Steve          SWIRE, Andy
 DOYLE, Pat             LINCOLN, Michael       SYKES, Kathy
 DREW, Nancy            LINDREW, Jerry        *TAEUBER, Cynthia
 DRUMMAND, Faye         LINK, Ken              TAPLIN, Caroline
 DUGGAN, Jim            LIPNER, Robyn          TARMEY, Marjorie
 DUNN, Van              LOHR, Kathy            TAYLOR, Amy
 DUZOR, Deirdre         LONG, Steve            TAYLOR, Lois
*EARLEY, Susen          LOPATIN, Alan          TERRY, Donald
 ECKERT, Kevin          LOTFI, Sharif          TESTONI, Maureen
 EDDY, David            LUBITZ, James          THORPE, Ken
 EDDY, Judy             LUCAS, Debbie          THURM, Kevin
 EDGELL, John           LUTTER, Randy          TIBAET, Geoff
 EINHORN, Ted           LYON, Andrew           TIEBITS, Pdul
 ELATTAR, Suzanne      *MAGRUDER, Kathryn      TIMS, Frank
 ELDERS, Jocelyn        MAGUIRE, Daniel        TORRESGIL, Fernando
 EMMER, Sue             MALONEY, Daniel        TRACHTENBERG, Alan
 ENGLISH, Mike          MANDERSCHEID, Ron      TRAPNELL, Gordon
 EPSTEIN, Arnold        MANOWITZ, Michelle    *UKOCKIS, James
 ERMANN, Dan            MANTEL, Lewis         *VALDEZ, Bob
 ERRERA, Paul           MARCoNi, Katherine     VANDERWATER, Paul
 ETHEREDGE, Lynn        MARTINEZ, Felix        VARMA, Vivek
 EVANS, David           MA

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