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Ken Hayashida khayash at
Wed Mar 24 00:43:06 EST 1993

Greetings from USC School of Medicine,

Recently I made a posting on and wanted to announce to the
bio.gen people that the Planetary Society may sponsor discussions
on Internet focused on the topic of space life sciences.  Specifically,
I am interested in fostering scientific and technical discussion on 
the life science aspects of spaceflight (particularly to Mars or returning
to the moon for a longer stay).

The Planetary Society was started in the late 1970's by Carl Sagan,
Bruce Murray, and Louis Friedman as a public support group of planetary
science missions.  For the past few years, they have taken a leading
role in fostering international cooperation in the space sciences.

Recently, I have been having discussions with Dr. Friedman, Director
of the Planetary Society, about starting a technical discussion group
composed of established NASA life scientists and possibly Russian space
life scientists, as well as graduate-level students.  Together, this
currently theoretical group will conduct discussions regarding the 
state-of-the-art required to safely send humans to our neighboring planet 
and safely return.

I will be meeting with Dr. Friedman to further discuss this project in the
middle of April, so if you are a graduate level student or a life scientist
interested in space exploration and have expertise in the following areas:
1  radiation biology
2  human physiology
3  plant physiology
4  Ecology
5  Environmental control/sciences
6  medicine
7  pharmacology

send me an email at "khayash at"
please include the following:
1  your name
2  your e-mail address
3  your institution/organization
4  a snail mail address
5  your area of expertise
6  any previous space related experience.

Thanks for your input.
Please allow 6-8 weeks for my output.

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