Kentucky Coffee Tree

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Tue Mar 23 19:52:47 EST 1993

I am looking for information for a paper which I am writing on the Kentucky
coffee tree (Gymnocladus dioica) for a plant geography course.  I am interested
in any of the following aspects:
1)  Historic environmental factors and their influences (climate, geologic
    influences, soils, etc.)
2)  Evolution of the species
3)  Ecologic role of the species
4)  Life history of the species (germination and survival, survivorship,
    population dynamics, hazards in its life cycle, vegetative and reproductive 
    stages, seed demography, longevity, etc.)

        I am particularly interested in articles on research which has
previously been performed; i.e. those which have been published in various
scientific journals.  If any net readers out there know of an article that may
be worth checking, please e-mail the reference to me.  It would greatly
simplify my search.

Timothy J. Sprengeler
Student, University of Northern Iowa

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