doing research in biology from another field

Albert L Kong alberkon at
Wed Mar 24 22:21:11 EST 1993

  I hope someone can give me some advise on this matter.

  I have an undergraduate degree in phyiscs but currently I am working toward a
master of architecture at MIT.  I do however plan to return to school for Ph.D.
either in physics or another area of science.  I am intrigued greatly by neuro-
and congitive sciences as well as genetics.  The question is this: are there any
physicist out there currently doing research in the field of genetics or
cognitive science - especially those who did received their Ph.D. in the field of condensed matter?
If so or not, what may be impedences to this effect? I am interested in anyone's
view on this matter, physicists or not and especially those who are doing
research at UW - that's where I did my undergrad.  Thank you.


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