OPIRG wcsbeau at
Wed Mar 24 21:41:04 EST 1993

Hi. As both a student AND a researcher at the Ontario Public Interest
Research Group, I think the proposal to moderate is fine, however I am
concerned as to whether questions about references, sharing resources,
etc. will be nuked as irrelevant.  That would be a shame, as the net
is a great place to share information.  One of the groups you
mentioned, bionet.general, I think, recently had a post from someone
named Steve (I've forgotten his last name) complaining because a
student requested a good reference on the Kentucky Coffee tree. I
think it's important to learn to use the library resources, but it can
be a real pain when you're just starting to gather stuff in an area
you're unfamiliar with.  I don't think people should do research for
each other but giving people leads on where to look and jargon
keywords is a useful and valuable function of sci. and bionet.

As for "Did you know" and McElwaine, good riddance.

          --Dianne Murray,  BA Psych.
                    Coordinator, Hudson Bay Research Group, OPIRG-Carleton
                    Carleton University

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