Hillary Rodham Clinton's Sovietology Exercise

Richard Schumeyer ricks at luke.nrl.navy.mil
Thu Mar 25 17:08:38 EST 1993

>Regarding the extensive list of names on the "top secret, Soviet-Style
>health reform task force" : there is no analogy here. These people are 
>not creating policy, they are _drafting a plan_ . Did you get that? A 
>PLAN. One that will be submitted to Congress and debated ad nauseum for 
>the rest of the year, and may or may not be passed in any or all of 
>it's original state. There is a big difference. All the conservatives 
>and special interests will get to bitch and whine their hearts out when
>the plan is actually presented (and don't believe they won't). They 
>don't NEED to be able to do it ahead of time. Any aspect of any health 
>care reform will piss off some people. The Clinton Administration is 
>just attempting to present it all at once so that most people will see 
>(they hope) that they agree with MOST of the plan, and that they can 
>accept the parts they don't like on that basis. Now, the bulk of the plan
>_doesn't_ appeal to MOST of the people, then the plan won't get passed. 
>So what is the problem?

Why is it ok for Hillary & co. to draft a plan in secret, but if the military
bombs a target without notifying the press first, then the press whines
about censorship?  (This is meant to be a rhetorical question.)

Since this PLAN is probably going to affect me, I would
like to know who is on the panel, what their backgounds are, what their
beliefs about health care are, etc.  I guess I don't NEED to know this,
at least not until our leader says its ok for me to know.  And then
I must not disagree (bitch and whine my heart out) or else people may begin
to suspect me of non-patriotic thoughts.

Ok, I may be exaggerating to make a point, but I don't think it is a good
idea to hide what is going on.  The health care reform proposals will
obviously be important to everyone.  People are interested, they want to
know what will be proposed because it will affect them.  Does the fact
that I question the need for this covert activity make me a conservative
whiner?  Are you suggesting that it is ok for the President/CoPresident
to make a habit of secrecy because we don't need to know?  (Note that we 
are talking about domestic policy, not military strategy.)

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