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Thu Mar 25 11:45:09 EST 1993

In article <1993Mar24.083806.15776 at>, samodena at (S. A. Modena) writes:
> In article <1993Mar23.185248.11775 at> sprengel0348 at writes:
> >I am looking for information for a paper which I am writing on the Kentucky
> >coffee tree (Gymnocladus dioica) for a plant geography course.  I am interested
> >in any of the following aspects:
> >1) ....
> >2) ...
> >3) ....
> >4)  ....
> >        I am particularly interested in articles....
> > .....; i.e. those which have been published in various
> >scientific journals.  If any net readers out there know of an article that may
> >be worth checking, please e-mail the reference to me.  It would greatly
>                                                         ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
> >simplify my search.
> ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
>                     Yes, Tim, it certainly would.  :^) But it is net-
> 	etiquette impolite for us "professional" biologists to do
>         your Senior research paper for you.........and it's is highly
> 	likely that the very professor who gave you that assignment is 
> 	*also* a regular reader of *this* bionet newsgroup.
> >Timothy J. Sprengeler
> >Student, University of Northern Iowa
> I hope she is gentle with you for your transgression.
> Steve
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A very thought-provoking comment.  I would have thought the network and
its information-base (which includes the people on it) has become a valid
tool for research.  Unless said professor specifically told his or her class
to go to the library and hunt down references using their tools, its not clear
to me that this is an unreasonable request for a student to make.  I certainly
don't recall any statements concerning giving information to students in
the NSFNet or USENet guidelines.  Pointing out the existence of a paper
and where it may have appeared hardly seems equivalent to doing the project
for the student.  Would you suggest that University libraries restrict
access to WAIS/Gopher/Archie servers, as well?


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