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|> > [...] The question is this: are there any
|> > physicist out there currently doing research in the field of genetics or
|> > cognitive science - especially those who did received their Ph.D. in the
|> > field of condensed matter?
|> > If so or not, what may be impedences to this effect? I am interested in
|> > anyone's
|> > view on this matter, physicists or not and especially those who are doing
|> > research at UW - that's where I did my undergrad.  Thank you.
|> >
|> > Albert
|> >
|> Have you considered structural biology?  NIGMS funds a number
|> of training programs in the area of molecular biophysics.  To
|> increase the number of people entering this field, these
|> programs are recruiting students with strong quantitative
|> skills who are willing to take the time to learn biology.
|> If interested I can e-mail you a list of funded programs.
|> Jim Cassatt

I am in a similiar situation, with a slight variance. I possess a BSEE,
and have been a Software Engr for 8 yrs. I have dallied with and
published very briefly on
the topic of long range pattern analysis of DNA.

This topic fascinates me a lot, and has become my first love (spending all my 
time out of work on that).

Are there places where I can EARN (as a biology oriented software engr in a
university, lab or a company) and LEARN (part time PhD in biophysics) at the
same time, in the California area.

I would appreciate any suggestions and prospective leads in this regard. Please
repky to my email address.



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