Hillary Rodham Clinton's Sovietology Exercise

Steven Smith smith at gramian.harvard.edu
Fri Mar 26 09:06:32 EST 1993

cj at eno.esd.sgi.com (C.J. Silverio) writes:

> kloomis at cco.caltech.edu writes:
> | So what is the problem?
> Hillary Clinton is a woman.  
> Dollars to donuts that the problem is just that.  Modulo the normal
> whining we're hearing from out-of-power Republicans, that is.

Exactly.  This is the precise argument the federal court used when it
ruled against Hillary Rodham Clinton's entirely secret meetings.
Thankfully more people ``get it'' now.

Steven Smith

P.S. By the way, isn't ``getting it'' the phrase used in the movie
_Semi-Tough_ to describe the internalization of new age guru Werner
Erhardt's I-am-a-good-person philosphy?

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