Kentucky Coffee Tree

Thomas Bjorkman Thomas_Bjorkman at
Fri Mar 26 15:35:07 EST 1993

In article <1oqhqeINNrou at> Ethan A Merritt,
merritt at writes:
>        He's not asking someone to write a paper for him; he's asking
for a
>leg up on basic research.  

That was also my impression.  Sometimes there are posts from people who
simply copy the questions off a take-home exam and seem to make little
effort on their own.  Those posts are usually obvious and the posters get
only grief on the net.  In this case, the questions seem as if they are
the student's own questions adn are stated in a way that shows some
thought about the subject.  In this case, I don't know anything useful,
but I don't mind seeing the question.

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