Hillary Rodham Clinton's Sovietology Exercise

Daniel W Beshear dwbeshea at midway.ecn.uoknor.edu
Sun Mar 28 22:40:16 EST 1993

Open letter to Mr. David Wright:

  In no way, shape, or form do you represent "right-thinking" people, Mr.
Wright.  What makes you think that you have all the knowledge to determine
what is right for me?  You sound like a Rush Limbaugh in reverse.

  The government will not do the wishes of the people in this case.  They will
only let enough of the plan out, and that would be just for the purposes of the
perpetual campaign that Clinton has been on for the past two years.  This is
the pinnacle of the Socialistic takeover of America that started with FDR.
With this, all Americans are guaranteed equally bad health-care, while the rich
will get premium "black-market" health-care from the doctors who refuse to go
along "with the System."

   My apologies to those of you not David Wright for the blank article that is
before this one.  The computer net here has a nasty habit of cutting the bodies
off of articles and letters and just sending the heads.  Thankfully, snailMail
doesn't do the same.

						Daniel W. Beshear

It's better to be tight than loose, except when you're in the hangman's noose.
						-John Wesley Hardin (killed 47)


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