REQUEST: Please edit followups (was: Re: Hillary Rodham Clinton's Sovietology Exercise)

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Mon Mar 29 07:57:11 EST 1993

The "Hillary Rodham Clinton's Sovietology Exercise" article was posted to:,, sci.engr.biomed, 
talk.politics.drugs, talk.politics.medicine, talk.politics.misc, 
bionet.general, bionet.sci-resources, 
^^^^^^^^^^^^^^  ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
alt.politics.clinton, alt.politics.economics

Unfortunately, the *followup* _also_ included bionet.general, as well as
bionet.sci-resources.  These are not high traffic groups; the thread now 
dominates those groups, arguably more destructively than the massively
crossposted "DidYouKnow" thread.

In general I am on the lenient side of the cross-post issue, but here
it is my understanding that this discussion is inappropriate for the
bionet domain; violating both the explicit and implicit charter for 
BIOSCI/bionet. As it apparently did not make it outside the bionet 
domain, I repost:

In article <CMM. at>
kristoff at NET.BIO.NET (Dave Kristofferson) writes:
  >I'd like to politely suggest that discussions on topics not directly
  >related to biology research be held on other, more appropriate USENET
  >forums.  The bionet domain is for research in the biological sciences.
  >Thanks in advance.
  >				Sincerely,
  >				Dave Kristofferson
  >				BIOSCI/bionet Manager
  >				kristoff at

Several *other* subscribers echoed the inappropriateness of the bionet
domain for pursuit of this thread; excerpting from some:

In article <24MAR93.25627405.0013 at MUSIC.TCS.TULANE.EDU>
  >I believe that there are more appropriate newsgroups than this to
  >post issues such has "Hillary Clinton's Kremlinology" or whatever.
  > [...minor commentary deleted...]

In article <1993Mar26.012033.20608 at>
(name withheld; an internal discussion -- D.R.)
  >  [...some deletions...]
  >   I doubt that many bionet readers would follow up to the article. Most
  >of the people who are writing don't bother to read the Newsgroups: line,
  >and wouldn't know to take bionet out even if they did. We want to get the 
  >'outsiders' to stop crossposting to bionet,  [...minor deletions...]

And, from a bionet correspondent's post which *did* make it out:

In article: <1993Mar26.233423.8276 at>
agoodrid at writes:
  >  [...commentary deleted...]
  >Please note the change in followups this discussion does not belong in
                  (It also does not belong in bionet.sci-resources - D.R.)

Understand, my opinions are as strong as the next person's regarding
issues surrounding: the Wall Street Journal; the Supreme Court; the 
First Lady; health care policies (both public and private); the reactions 
and (a)symmetries of discourse between those in and out of various types 
of social power; how far the "Open Door" ideal should be taken; (some of)
the opinions expressed by respondents to the thread; etc.;  BUT:  

  ** None of this belongs in _any_ of the bionet groups **

I mean to express no opinion other than the appropriateness of the followup 
settings; I think I am on safe ground in stating that I am expressing the 
consensus opinion of the researches and correspondents of bionet.

I note with gratitude that at least one of the participants of this
debate has taken the initiative to remove the bionet domain (ie. both 
bionet.general *and* bionet.sci-resources) from the distribution before 
posting, and ask only that future participants take a moment to do likewise.
Thank you.


ps.  I have removed bionet from the followups of *this* thread; any
followups will (hopefully) *not* appear in bionet, but will appear 
in the other crossposted newsgroups.  I've also sent email to current 
particapants of this thread.

pps.  Finally, my apologies (especially to the other bionet subscribers)
for the long-windedness of this post, but this has *really* gotten out
of hand.  I hope I have not overstepped the bounds of courtesy, and trust 
future participants of the "Hillary..." debate will take an extra moment to
check/edit the followup groups before posting.  Thanks again for your time.
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