Hillary Rodham Clinton's Sovietology Exercise

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In article <1993Mar30.184548.28977 at oracle.us.oracle.com> mfriedma at us.oracle.com (Michael Friedman) writes:

>Jeff Sicherman blatantly lies in his post below...

But only if you're stupid enough, like Michael Friedman, to be unable to
understand the English language...

>In article <C4LAow.7zw at csulb.edu> sichermn at csulb.edu (Jeff Sicherman) writes:
>>In <26MAR199313552586 at cc.utah.edu> djs1539 at cc.utah.edu(SEGAL, DAVID JAY) says:
>>>In article <SMITH.93Mar24182949 at minerva.harvard.edu>, smith at minerva.harvard.edu (Steven Smith) writes...

>>>{The WSJ requested help identifying these individuals, so I scanned the
>>>{list and present it here along with the accompanying article with the
>>>{hope that it will help to illuminate these proceedings whose outcome
>>>{could affect all Americans and their progeny, but are nevertheless
>>>{insulated from public inspection and debate.

>>>What's the big deal?  There are hundreds of committees in Washington.  Most
>>>people don't know who's on them; most people don't care.  Why don't you
>>>wait to see what they come up with and spend your energy evaluating that?
>>>Isn't the message more important than the messenger?  

>>  Also note that these whiners were nowhere to be found when Danny's
>>Cabal on Competitiveness held its secret meetings to overturn
>>regulations which had been arrived at through the open proposal
>>and comment process.

>The Bush administration didn't try to keep the names of the members of
>the Council on Competitiveness secret.  Jeff, you are a liar.

And, of course, Jeff never said that the Bush administration did do
this.  What Jeff said, and what the Bush admin. did do, was keep the
actual *meetings* secret.

Meetings at which policies/regulations were enacted, not just discussed.

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