Hillary Rodham Clinton's Sovietology Exercise

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>particular committee's meetings.  I think the only ones who really have
>a problem with it are the MD types, who stand the most to lose from 
>health care reform.  For guys like me, who have the most to gain from
>reform, I say get off their backs.  Finally somebody's actually doing

Actually, it is quite arguable that you "non MD types" have the 
most to lose from health care reform and that we "MD types"
have the least to lose.  Read today's USA Today.  If the proposed
changes go through, *EVERY* U.S. citizen will see a *DRAMATIC* 
*DECREASE* in access to care, via limitation of M.D. visits and
limitation of specialty consultations.  If I am a patient, I 
will have enough knowledge of medicine to know when to speak 
up because I am being inappropriately brushed off; you
"non MD types" may not have such knowledge.

Now I know what Clinton meant during his campaign when
he said we should all expect "self-sacrifice."

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