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Mon Mar 29 16:11:04 EST 1993

Laurent block wrote :

> call for examination :  French-speaking biological groups under fr.*
>	   The scheme would be the creation of French-speaking
>	(English texts accepting) series of groups parallel to the
>	"bionet" series. The French biological community is active
>	and has specific fields of interest and problems, of no
>	global interest : they could be examinated in French.
>	The discussion is open and will be followed by a vote.
>	English speakers should (of course) feel free to participate.

 >appel a discussion : groupes "bionet" francophones
 >          Il existe sur les news Usenet une serie de groupes fort
 >       actifs : la hierarchie "bionet", tres utilisee par les
 >       biologistes. L'idee serait de creer, au sein de la hierarchie
 >       fr, une serie de groupes francophones paralleles. La
 >       communaute biologique francaise est active et a des questions
 >       particulieres a debattre qui justifient pleinement un tel
 >       projet.

Dear netters ....chers branches !!

I am thinking about Laurent proposition ...and I don't know if it's
a good idea to do a "national or lingistic net" ...What kind of specific
french scientific problems do you want to examine ?... Could you precise ?
Moreover french peole using the net are not yet so numerous to be a dynamic
Perhaps it's the elections for french parlement that gave you
this idea ...  ;-)..

Au revoir !

Odile Ozier-Kalogeropoulos
91110 Gif sur yvette
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           A vos claviers.

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